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From 1870 to 1893 the Carson City Mint manufactured ten different denomination/style combinations of coins, seven in silver and three in gold. All told, the combined output totaled just over 56.6 million coins, with a face value of just shy of $50 million.

Today, it is estimated that no more than 4 million of these coins exist, with approximately 95% of this total attributed to just one of the ten types of coins, the Morgan silver dollars. A quick glance at the mintage table from the Carson City Mint reveals how few examples of some of the type/date combinations were actually issued. Even some of the highest output years of "CC" coinage production pale in comparison to the those achieved at the nation's two other prominent mints of that era, the ones at Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Please spend some time perusuing the mintage figures from the Carson City coin factory and observe for yourself why the surviving specimens from this revered Nevada institution are prized by collectors.

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